Apple iPhone X sets the stage for future price hikes, not innovation


The Apple iPhone X introduces a new biometric authentication method which requires facial recognition to unlock your smartphone. I received my Note 8 last week, and I can say that you must hold the phone a very specific way to get it to recognize you.

Although similar concerns were raised in the run up to the release of finger print technology the Face ID has sparked deeper concerns.

Schiller noted on stage that Face ID's accuracy statistics are lower if someone shares a close genetic relationship with you, and Brackeen echoed this sentiment.

Franken, who is the member of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law, asked Cook to provide more clarity on the Face ID system.

According to Apple, Face ID is more secure than Touch ID fingerprint technology.

Finally, Franken wants to know how exactly Apple figured out how to accurately scan people's faces to begin with, along with whether the system works correctly for all ages, races, and genders.

But security might still be an issue, particularly if the iPhone X's facial recognition can be tricked by intruders trying to break into a device designed for big spenders and luxury lovers. When the users use the fingerprint scanner to unlock their device, their fingerprint is scanned with the saved numeric data and when the data is matched the device is unlocked. Today, Apple announced the latest update to the device, the iPhone X.

Apple unveiled Face ID during its iPhone X event yesterday. It provided that statistic by way of a hypothetical: If a random person picked up your iPhone with Touch ID, there's a one in 500,000 chance they would be able to unlock it. The technology uses several sensors to map the faces of users and stores the resulting data on the device itself, allowing users to later unlock the device or use the Apple Pay app my merely glancing at it.

We'll nearly certainly never know. Instead, my fear is Face ID makes it too easy for other people-including cops, border agents, muggers, jealous lovers, and so on-to get into your phone. Now, you would believe that considering these are the highlighted features of the iPhone X, they would be instantly loved by the Apple fans.

The iPhone X 64GB and 256GB is available for preorder October 27 and goes on sale on November 3.

"For the average iPhone owner, the difficulty of spoofing FaceID and also gaining physical access to a target iPhone will likely make any attack on it a monumental waste of effort", Rich Mogull, a security analyst who has long focused on Apple, tells WIRED.