To update or not to update, that's the question for Apple users


You can change to add and remove toggles and links to apps that are more useful for you. We're expecting a lot of things that are using AR Kit for no good reason other than because they can.

A few updates in iOS 11 include a new interface, better gaming experiences, facial recognition, wireless charging, new iTunes layout, and Siri is expected to work better. So if you have a 16GB iPhone or 32GB iPhone/iPad, make sure there's some extra space for you to install the new OS. The game is called "The Machines" and will be rolling out as a free app with the iOS 11 update.

Now, Users can download the apps as big 150MB in size using the cellular data. Apple iPhone 4S, 5 and 5C users won't be getting iOS 11 update.

That said, iOS 10.3.3 boots faster across the board, and it may be a tad faster than iOS 11 when performing typical tasks for all devices up to the iPhone 6s. Apple is also going to start posting feature articles and interviews to help people learn more about developers behind certain apps.

You will need an iPad Mini 2 or newer, an iPhone 5S or newer, or an iPod Touch of 6 generation in order to run iOS 11. In our case, it took around half an hour for the update to download in the morning over a 50Mbps connection. These new profile additions and changes further extend an organization's device management capabilities, including macOS profile extensions, tvOS Airplay Security, iOS DNS proxy, command changes, and much more. The iOS 11 brings a new safety advantage and blocks all notifications from popping up on the lock screen as soon as the device detects you are driving. You will need to install the Pixelmator app ($4.99) found in the App Store. Read on to learn more details about what you will find in the official release of iOS 11.

On the iPhone, Apple hyped up a customizable Control Center, improved Siri and another push into augmented reality. And please enable the "do not disturb while driving" feature. So if it doesn't seem to be working straight away, just wait it out - if you come back later on, everything should be a bit more stable.