IPhone X battery larger than iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus


The day before the device was officially released, Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI Securities, said that iPhone X is produced in less than 10.000 units per day.

Some iPhone 8 owners are running into an issue with the phone's earpiece: when they make a call, the earpiece makes a disruptive "crackling" or "static" sound that disrupts the audio. The iPhone 8 is more expensive than the iPhone 7 and offers little for the money difference.

An iPhone also has to sort through its own data after a new update, creating further battery drainage.

You can also use the Low Power mode option to get most out of your device's battery until an update is rolled out by Apple. "Very disappointed! Does anyone has the same problem or knows how to fix it?"

The iPhone 8 may come with some of the most advanced tech in the industry, but one of its simplest components is failing for some users.

The big question being asked is whether the new Apple iPhone X is superior to the Samsung Note 8, the answer is Yes.

As reported by ArsTechnica, Apple has updated its support pages around the Exchange email bug, which left users trying to send emails from a Microsoft address in Mail, with a new timeframe.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus boast improved cameras with special portrait lighting features. There were no long queues in front of Apple Stores during the opening weekend, neither were online pre-orders great.

But Kuo said he believes the device's sales are right where they are supposed to be. Apple had factored it into production plans.

Apple doesn't think kids should use Face ID.Cole Bennetts/Getty ImagesOne of the hallmark features of Apple's new iPhone X will be its facial recognition technology. However, it will be short supply through this year.