, Inc. (AMZN) Unveils Several New Alexa-Enabled Products


On Wednesday, Amazon disclosed that Google had pulled YouTube functionality from the Echo Show, which had access to the video player since its launch in June.

Business Insider's Matt Weinberger got some hands-on time with all the new devices, which replace and refresh some older Echo models while also adding brand-new members to the Echo family.

The Amazon Echo Show is a smart speaker powered by Alexa that comes with a small screen to allow users to watch videos.

That fact become blatantly obvious this week when Amazon unveiled a slew of new Alexa-enabled devices. Google took a difference stance, claiming Amazon's implementation of YouTube on the Echo Show violates their terms of service and creates a broken user experience. Apparently Google was hoping to incorporate the tech into something more akin to a full size television, but the reality of needing to keep up with Amazon in the market for home-based devices forced them to go for something much less radical.

Like the Amazon Echo Show, the Google Manhattan is said to feature a 7-inch display and will have Google Assistant, YouTube and Google Photos on board.

The new device offers much better sound than the original Amazon Echo, thanks to support for Dolby Audio, which means it'll compete more directly with products such as the Sonos Play:1 and even Apple's upcoming HomePod, the latter of which is due out before the holidays.

It is unlikely that your Echo will suddenly start blasting out the weather report, but it may make a tone sound, or light up part of the ring on your device.

Alexa can talk to you and play music directly on Echo Spot through the built-in 2W speaker.

The event also included a new Fire TV with 4K HDR video support with 2160 pixels resolution at 60fps.

Similar to the other Amazon Echo devices, Google's current home assistant, Google Home, lacks a screen.

Once you've set up Alexa calling and messaging, your own mobile number is linked to the device and will show up to recipients when you call.

Recent rumours have suggested Google is on a similar track.

With the Echo going almost three years without a hardware update, speculation grew that Amazon was planning to release its next Echo model, especially as a way to better compete with the upcoming, higher-end Apple HomePod speaker, priced at $349.