That Time Kate McKinnon Buried Her Face In Ryan Gosling's Butt


"Papyrus" The only thing disappointing about this sketch featuring Ryan Gosling as a man obsessed with the font used on the Avatar logo is that we didn't get to see the much longer version that was shown at dress rehearsal.

Check out their skit above!

Then came Stone's cameo, with the actress telling Gosling: "You didn't save jazz".

The monologue was soon interrupted by Gosling's "La La Land" co-star - who won an Oscar for her role in the musical. "How many times have we talked about this?" It is very exciting, and yes, for those of you who are curious, I was the last person who thought I could save jazz. But McKinnon, fresh off her second Emmy win, managed to up the ante by telling a story just as freakish and gross, but with added physical demonstrations. That's pretty much the only reason this sketch was amusing. Ryan Gosling starred in the fake commercial for style-neutral, gender non-conforming denim for a generation that defies labels.

Meanwhile, North Shore native Alex Moffat commenced his sophomore season on the show by reprising his Weekend Update character known as the Guy Who Just Bought a Boat, an insufferable preppy joined this week by Gosling as his equally insufferable cousin. The cast certainly put their best foot forward, but this episode felt like a shaky beginning for the late night sketch series.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes hit Tao restaurant in NY on Sept 30. It wasn't that amusing but Ryan Gosling having the inability to keep a straight face is charming and more than makes up for it. So, sure enough, another sketch was written for his return as host last night and, sure enough, he couldn't keep it together a second time.

Last night's Season 43 SNL premiere also was below the final episodes of last season, (8.272 million, 2.32 18-49 rating for the finale hosted by Dwayne Johnson; 10.337 million, 2.74 in 18-49 for the penultimate episode hosted by Emmy victor Melissa McCarthy).