Catalan president lives outside law - Spain's deputy prime minister


Pro-independence lawmakers say the declaration will be made then. Today, Catalonia is headed by #Carles Puigdemont. "I don't remember any of these people referring to the sacredness of constitutions and sovereignty of existing states when it came to the breakup of Yugoslavia", said Kevin Ovenden, British author and political activist.

The separatist parties have a slim majority in the parliament. This spurred more Catalonians to vote for independence.

5 October: Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy urges Catalan leaders not to declare independence. In a rare and strongly worded television address on Tuesday, the king described the regional government's actions as "an unacceptable attempt" to take over Catalan institutions and said it had placed itself outside democracy and the law. "Neither a unilateral declaration of independence nor article 155".

"It's time to talk", the European Commission's deputy head, Frans Timmermans, told the European Parliament during an emergency debate on the crisis in Spain.

The king's intervention could clear the way for Prime Minister Rajoy to act.

His criticism of the king showed that he was "out of touch with reality", it added.

Puigdemont and other Catalan leaders have said they are not afraid of going to jail over their independence bid.

It was a missed opportunity to push the two sides towards dialogue, said one customer in the bar.

Trapero will comply with the summons, the press office for the Catalan police, the Mossos d'Esquadra, confirmed to CNN.

Nearly 900 people were injured after security forces closed polling stations on Sunday and dispersed crowds of peaceful supporters of independence for the region with baton charges and rubber bullets.

The Mossos has been accused of failing to respond properly to their urgent requests for back-up.

The Spanish Defense Ministry sent aid to the Civil Guard and National Police deployed in the region on Tuesday, Spanish media reported.

Spain's highest court had ruled the vote illegal under the Spanish constitution.

According to the correspondent, after police blocked polling stations, activists handed out ballots on the streets everyone.

Thirty-three police officers were also injured, local medical officials said.

Catalan authorities say around 900 people were injured and that of the almost 2.3 million votes counted, 90 percent voted in favor of an independent Catalan Republic.

The organisers said 90 per cent voted for independence, but have not published the final results. There have been several claims of irregularities.

Less than a half of the Catalan population managed to participate in the vote.

But the turnout was lower than expected - only 42%, which weakens the position Pokdemon on possible negotiations with Madrid on the status of Catalonia.