Google Pixel 2 comes with 3 years of Android OS updates


It will detect when something is worth recording and take still photos or silent videos. The overall camera score (photo+video) of Google's handsets is 98.

Google executives said it has become more hard to find new hardware breakthroughs like bigger and better screens but they believe significant improvements will come from artificial intelligence software that is developing at a faster clip than physical components. With machine learning, no human interaction is necessary for a service to improve.

Pre-ordering of the Google Pixel 2 is already possible, and Google has made this as easy as possible via its online store. Both products prove the search engine giant is serious about pushing forward with its own line of Android devices, and you know what, they could be the best Android-powered smartphones yet. Making a hardware component of any particular device is not an easy task and both the techs are aware of this. All you supposedly need do is hold down on the right earbud and tell Google Assistant what language you want to "speak". The device ($249) works with the Pixel, iPhone 6 and later, and Galaxy S7 and S8 phones. We can all remember how long it took to get Pixel Launcher and Google Assistant after being launched on Pixel and Pixel XL. So the Google Assistant on Pixel will not only understand you better but it can also be more personal to you, helping you get more done at any time. Like the Pixel Buds, the AirPods integrate with a digital assistant - Siri, in the case of Apple's headphones. Apple iPhone 8 Plus also features high-dynamic-range scenes due to AutoHDR feature. With monthly security updates direct from Google, your Pixel will always have the most advanced security precautions built in-no more worrying about updating or upgrading.

Google has managed to provide a great camera for sure, but what really makes a big leap in the performance of the phone's camera is its artificial intelligence that's giving it a palpable lead over Apple's brilliant camera chops. On of the smaller additions is an option for the devices' Do Not Disturb mode to be turned on automatically when a user is behind the wheel of vehicle. Not only did the company announce a host of new products, including two powerful new devices backed by the power of Android, it also revealed new hardware for fans of smart speakers and smart home technology. The newly launched Pixel Buds is the ultimate travel partner. The phone also has a 3000mAh battery with fast charging and supports fingerprint sensor. In addition to helping with translations, the Assistant can place phone calls, get directions and give you alerts at your command. For instance, you are in a coffee shop and you are curious about the song playing in the background. In fact, so much so even compared to phones with dual cameras according to DxO Mark the Pixel 2 retains a lot of detail, much more than other single-camera phones.