Man arrested after Christopher Columbus statue defaced in Arrigo Park


He has written to the Council proposing the statue be removed from Buffalo's Columbus Park and the park's name be changed. Three states - Alaska, Minnesota and Vermont - have changed the holiday.

Debbie Deputat, president of the Tewksbury Sons of Italy, said they have no problem with Indigenous Peoples' Day landing on another day.

Columbus certainly arrives to us through history as a great man if not always a good man.

"In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue", children repeat this time each year. "This is about understanding that for centuries, America's ancestors oppressed certain groups of people". "We do this because our history book erase such history".

Austin City Council in Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah, chose to opt for the new holiday as late as last week and Santa Barbara, California; Silver City, New Mexico; and Miami County in Kansas have all expressed interest in following suit in future.

To commemorate the holiday, the Berkeley community hosts the annual Indigenous Peoples' Day Pow Wow, a daylong celebration of indigenous cultures. Overall, the poll found that Americans support Columbus and the observance of Columbus Day by almost a 2-to-1 margin. Some mark the day concurrently with Columbus Day, and some cities have rejected Columbus Day altogether.

The momentum, however, did not gain traction in some areas. Berkley, California, became one of the first cites in 1992 to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day. A majority of the members who didn't vote declined to comment about their decision, according to the paper. Those who back the change speak of his mistreatment of Native Americans.

"There is a tremendous amount of ignorance and arrogance about our history", Jones told the paper.

Christopher Columbus didn't really discover America. Instead, his boats first beached on islands now known as the Bahamas and other isles of the Caribbean.

Lane and Grossman also preferred altering monuments over removing them, whenever possible.

Vivolo says Italian-Americans are proud of their heritage and respect all ethnicities.

Two additional states, Iowa and Nevada, do not celebrate it as an official holiday, but the respective governors are authorized and requested by statute to proclaim the day each year.

Regardless of why it's celebrated, it is important for all Italian-Americans to accept that some people don't want to laud Christopher Columbus or give him a day of his own.

Sal Albanese, who lost to de Blasio in the Democratic primary, didn't come to the defense of Columbus but said the statue should stay. Five local civic groups, including the Knights of Columbus and several Italian-American civic organizations, worked for six years on the project and kept the council informed.