COMMENT: "Let's Welcome More Troop Mental Health Support With Open Arms"


Canada is quickly gaining a reputation as a global leader when it comes to addressing workplace mental health.

Time to Change is a national mental health campaign, launched in 2009 by mental health charities MIND and Rethink with the objective of reducing health-related stigma and discrimination. While these figures look alarming, I believe that it is a positive thing as people increasingly feel more comfortable discussing mental health with us and its impact on their finances, instead of suffering in silence.

The session presented findings from a survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Mental Health Foundation, which found work on its own is responsible for 4% of cases of poor mental health, life alone is responsible for 37%, and work and life combined account for 57%.

"And it's only when you have your total health that you can be productive and grow your economy".

By company, Lloyds Banking Group mentioned mental health 13 times in its annual report, followed by Royal Mail which used it ten times, while British Airways' owner International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG) was among the firms that didn't mention either word. The ratio has been increased by 18 percent from 2005 to 2015 and today, up to 300 million people are living with depression, according to the latest estimation of WHO.

"As well as speaking to people with experience of mental illness, Time2Listen will also consult with professionals and support agencies working within the criminal justice system, such as police officers, probation officers and mental health workers".

Head to Health provides a place where people can access support and information before they reach crisis. This can also impact the wellbeing and mental health of their employees.

Chronic stress stemming from the workplace can lead to mental health disorders, but they often stay untreated because of the social stigma attached to it, causing damage to an individual's health and career, health experts have warned.

He had also stressed on the need to further strengthen efforts in churning out workers who were physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced.

Nationally we have seen a reduction in the number of psychiatric hospital beds, while the number of people in need of a bed has risen. It is very important for employers, if they come across any employees who need help, they must help. A healthy workplace can be described as one where workers and managers actively contribute to the working environment by promoting and protecting the health, safety and well-being of all employees.

Whilst sounding slightly odd at first, the term 'cognitive hygiene' (pdf) is one of the latest ideas to support better mental health.

Available cost-benefit research on strategies to address mental health points towards net benefits.

Only 41% of adults with a mental health condition received help and less than 50% of children 8-15 received mental health services.

Despite this, just one in 10 employees (11 per cent) felt able to disclose a mental health issue to their line manager, with the topic remaining one of the most hard to talk about.