EPA to scrap clean power plan: what it means locally


In congressional testimony arguing that the Clean Power Plan is unconstitutional, liberal law professor Laurence Tribe noted that the Supreme Court has said that Congress doesn't "hide elephants in mouse holes".

"The EPA and no federal agency should ever use its authority to say to you we are going to declare war on any sector of our economy", Pruitt said, speaking at an event with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. The Clean Power Plan was meant to fulfill US promises under the Paris climate accord, an global treaty.

And also, many in the power industry have been telling the White House they'd really like a replacement, that they kind of need this regulatory certainty to run their businesses.

It will make it more hard for Trump to lower emissions as part of the Paris climate agreement, which he vowed to abandon earlier this year. Trump had accused India and China, the two countries instrumental for the accord's conclusion, of "getting a free ride".

The Clean Power Plan sought to reduce United States carbon emissions from power plants for the first time - in line with commitments taken by the Obama administration under the Paris Climate Agreement, from which Trump has declared his intention to withdraw. After having announced in June his decision to leave the Paris agreement, the administration Trump is preparing to repeal a key measure of the ex-us president Barack Obama on the climate, through the implementation of a campaign promise of the republican candidate for the recovery of the u.s. mining industry, which has been denounced by environmentalists.

The President has since made up his mind.

A copy of the leaked proposal obtained by USA media showed that Pruitt will scrap the plan citing reasons that it "exceeds the EPA's statutory authority".

President Trump took the first step to unravel the Clean Power Plan back in March, signing an executive order shortly after he announced a review of Obama CAFE standards for cars, and a few weeks before he announced the US withdrawal from the Paris climate deal.

We checked in with both First Energy and DTE.

According to Axios, Trump administration might open a window for the public to comment for a new policy to be put in place to reduce carbon emissions, but no matter what the 2030 goal will be impacted "by several months if not a year or more". Current EPA officials say the CPP is illegal. Ending the plan could save up to $33 billion in compliance costs in coming years, it said.

Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, said that President Trump and Pruitt are launching "one of the most egregious attacks" on public health and climate safety.

Trump's decision on the Clean Power Plan will likely be challenged in court. I mean, he likes to say the war on coal is over. The plan had not yet taken effect as the Supreme Court has issued a stay after legal challenges from states with large coal industries. Nonetheless, the abundance and low cost of natural gas and wind power have led many utilities to shutter coal-fired power plants over the past few years.